Friday, 26 August 2011

Council Staff Wasting Time?

The Essex Chronicle reports:
ESSEX civil servants spent the equivalent of 2,200 working days last year on social network sites at work, a Chronicle investigation can reveal.
Our investigation shows that Essex County Council (ECC) staff spent 16,500 hours on Twitter and Facebook in the last 12 months – equivalent to one employee spending over six years on the two websites.
Since August 2010 staff wasted 342 working days house-hunting on property website
Shocking, right? Wrong. How many staff does Essex County Council have? 7,539 according to a different report on the same figures. Let's do the maths:

for 16,500 hours to equal 2,200 working days we must have 7.5 hours per day. Now, total hours spent on social networking sites per employee comes to 2.2 hours. Over 12 months.

And house-hunting? Just over 20 minutes. Over 12 months.

I'm no expert but I reckon that that's pretty good actually.

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