Thursday 4 August 2011

Sunny Hundal is an Idiot

The government launches an e-petition website with the promise that if any petition gets 100,000 signatures then the topic will be eligible for debate in Parliament. Lots of people put up petitions about reinstating the death penalty, to get that topic discussed. Someone else puts up a petition to retain the ban. Sunny encourages his readers to sign the second petition because he opposes the death penalty.

Hello, Sunny, are you an idiot? If 100,000 people sign the petition to retain the ban, the topic of the death penalty still becomes eligible for discussion in Parliament. You're just helping the people you oppose.

And if those who want to see the death penalty brought back don't sign both petitions then they're also stupid.


UPDATE: At the time of writing the main pro-capital punishment petition has 1,221 signatures. The one against has 2,902. Not only are those opposed helping, they're working harder to get it discussed than their opponents!

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