Wednesday, 24 August 2011

On Boris Johnson's House

Further to my post yesterday regarding YourKen "revealing" Boris Johnson's house. The fuss is that the Ken campaign identified Boris's house and this is a bad thing. Now, clearly they didn't identify it because only those who knew whose house it was would have known whose house it was. In reality Guido Fawkes identified it as Boris's house.

More importantly - was it a secret? True, the exact address was not previously widely known. However, it's a simple Google search to find what street he lives on. The road name has been published by newspapers before. I won't reveal the information just in case.

However, his old address is easily found. How do I know? Well this website identifies his street name. And this website offers a photo of him outside his house with the door number clearly visible. You can confirm with Google Street View.

So just how secret is the address of the London Mayor supposed to be?

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