Friday, 26 August 2011

Pictures of MPs Houses

After people made a fuss about YourKen publishing an unidentified photo of Boris Johnson's house we now have Louise Mensch complaining about the Daily Telegraph publishing a photo of MP Simon Kirby's house and telling everyone that it's his house. She tweeted:
I hope Daily Telegraph will take down its online picture of Simon Kirby MP's family home and will not reprint it in its print edition tmrw
The only reason for not showing photos of MPs houses would be to keep their addresses secret. The problem is that even without the photo there is enough information in the article to find out Mr Kirby's precise address in a matter of minutes.

How? The article tells us how much his house is worth and approximately where it is and when he bought it. Use that information to find his house from the Land Registry. Simples. The only way to realistically keep MPs' addresses secret would be either to not include their info on public records or else ban people from publishing that information.

Do we really want to keep the activities of our elected officials a secret like that?

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