Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mayor's House?

UPDATE: Turns out he moved in July 09 between the Daily Mail pic and the new one. So no mistake from Guido, other than identifying the house as being Boris's of course.

Guido Fawkes claims that a photo on the YourKen website shows Boris Johnson's house. The picture has been removed from the YourKen website with the following comment from Michael Joslin:
We have removed a photo that appeared on this page earlier today – A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone said, ‘YourKen.org contains a range of photos of our volunteers campaigning across London, in this case Labour canvassers campaigning in the recent Islington byelection. No pictures identify the names of residents in particular addresses, including this one. As Harry Cole and the Guido Fawkes blog have chosen to reveal the name of a resident in this house we have decided to replace this photo.
But Ray Rodden points out that the Daily Mail has also published a picture of Johnson's house, even going so far as to identify it as his.

Now, here's the weird thing. The two houses look similar but are not the same. Crucial differences include the stairs up to the front door and railings outside the house. From memory the door number on the picture from YourKen is different to that in the Daily Mail pic. Both houses are reported as being in Islington and the YourKen guys have seemingly acknowledged that it was Johnson's house.

So what's going on?

Am I wrong and the two houses are the same? Has Boris moved from one house in Islington to another in the last two years? Did the Daily Mail get it wrong and take a pic of Johnson standing outside someone else's house? Or did Guido make a mistake, jump to a conclusion and scare YourKen into removing the picture?